Forest Fade LUT


Cinematic LUT for your action cam footage

This LUT is FREE for you to try!
Simply download and apply it to your Action Camera footage!

Faded Forest fades your footage, boosts contrast and mutes green tones for that cinematic vibe.

This LUT is completely free to download and use on your action camera footage. Give it a try!

Simply put, think of LUTs as filters for your video footage. You apply a LUT to your clips to easily color grade your footage to look a certain way.

VERY easy to use: Check the install guides below and begin using them right away!

Like all my LUTs, this will work with most editing programs that allow you to load custom .cube files LUTs including Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and After Effects (click links for specific installation tutorials).

TIP: Always use the flat color profile (Flat on Gopro, D-Cinelike on DJI) if you want to use LUTs. Alternatively, lower the contrast and/or saturation before applying a LUT.


Zip file including the .cube file is sent to you shortly after checkout.

Use a desktop or laptop computer, they will NOT work with a phone app. If you encounter any trouble, drop me an email.



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